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Emergency coverage

Most policies will cover you for life or limb threatening medical emergencies in the United States, but it's best to know the specifics of your policies as they can vary. Here’s a few general items that can help: Typically, HMOs will cover emergencies anywhere in the U.S. HMOs typically do not cover non-emergency services outside of their service area.

PPOs are generally a better choice if you travel a lot as they generally have wider coverage area and typically have out-of-network coverage. Some PPO's cover emergencies anywhere in the world and may even have a regular Out of Network coverage overseas. If you run into an emergency in a distant spot you may be required to pay the bill and get reimbursed.

HMOs may cover an emergency with a copay, but you generally will have to return to a local HMO doctor to get follow up care. PPOs will either have a copay or a deductible and cost sharing for emergencies. Some PPOs can be quite expensive for emergency care as their coverage for out-of-network facilities may be limited. Travel insurance may be a good option if you plan on leaving the country. It's best to talk this over with us as we can point you in the right direction.

Tom, Sara, Robert, Sean, and Robin

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