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Individual / Family or Business / Group Policy

Individual: Since 1/1/2014, New Plans, New Rates, New Tax Credits, New Penalties. No one is turned down for Health issues. See our Instant Quotes on the Home page and click "Start Here"

Business / Group policies are paid for by your business (can have tax advantages). If you have 2 or more full time (>30 hours/week) employees, you can typically get any of the offered Group policies (HMOs, PPOs - lots to choose from). Health conditions are not a problem. If you are a self employed (Group of One), then get an Individual / Family Policy. Give us a call and we can go over your particular circumstances and help you make a good choice. (Note that pre-existing conditions may have a waiting period before they are covered, but this typically isnít a problem if youíve had continuous coverage or choose an HMO for coverage.)

Tom, Sara, and Sean

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